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Having your first baby? Here's a checklist of EVERYTHING you need (and what you don't) before bub arrives!

If you’re having your first baby, the checklist of things to buy can get pretty lengthy (and expensive!). But do you really need everything the store-person suggests? Whilst there are essential items you will need before bub arrives, there are items you can do without if you’re sticking to a budget or are limited for space.

So here it is - the checklist of everything you need to buy (and what you don’t) before bub arrives!

To help simplify your shopping trips, we’ve broken up everything by category first and then what is essential and what is a nice to have.


babybee newborn checklist furniture


  • Cot

  • Mattress

  • Mattress cover

  • Blankets

  • Carriage

  • Change mat

Nice to have:

  • Dresser or drawers

  • Nursing chair

  • Nappy stacker

  • Change table

  • Toy box

  • Bouncer or rocker


babybee newborn checklist swaddles


  • Baby monitor

  • Swaddles

  • Comforter

Nice to have:

  • White noise machine

  • Night light


babybee newborn checklist feeding


  • Breast pump

  • Storage containers for milk

  • Lots of bibs

  • Nipple cream

  • Nursing bras

  • Breast pads

Nice to have:

  • Nursing pillow


babybee newborn checklist bath


  • Washcloths

  • Baby soap

  • Hooded towels

  • Baby brush and comb

  • Bath thermometer

Nice to have:

  • Infant tub (you can use your sink alternatively)

  • sponges

  • bath toys

Travel & Outings

babybee newborn checklist prams


  • Pram / stroller with bassinet or newborn insert

  • Car capsule (first 6 months only)

  • Car seat (6 months plus)

  • Car window shade

  • Nappy bag

  • Carrier

Nice to have:

  • Portable booster


babybee newborn checklist clothing


  • nappies (or cloth diapers)

  • baby wipes

  • diaper cream

  • bibs

  • at least 8 onesies (zippers make it much easier)

  • mittens and socks

  • newborn hats

Nice to have:

  • nightgowns

  • jackets

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