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Ask Babybee: Will my pram fit in my car boot?

You've done your research and picked the perfect pram for you.

You set it up, wheel it around, everything is great - until you try to out it in the car.

To avoid this very situation from happening, be sure to measure your car boot before purchasing any of our prams and compare this to the below measurements of our prams when folded,

ROVER 2019

ROVER in toyota corolla

ROVER with carriage in a Toyota Corolla (2011 model).

ROVER in Rav4 2008

ROVER with carriage in a Toyota RAV4 (2008 model).

ROVER in hyundai i20

ROVER with carriage in a Hyundai i20 (2013 model).

ROVER 2019 Folding Sizes:

Folded dimensions (seat on): 57cm x 87cm x 45cm

Folded dimensions (seat off): 57cm x 72cm x 32cm



DUO2 in a Honda CRV

DUO2 in a Toyota Corolla

DUO2 in an Audi SQ5

DUO2 Folding Sizes:

Folded dimensions (with one seat left on): 99cm x 60cm x 52xm


LUNA in a Hyundai Accent (2016 model).

LUNA in a Toyota Corolla

LUNA in a Honda Jazz (2006 model).

LUNA Folding Size:

Folded dimensions: 75cm x 40cm x 76cm


Looking for more info?

Be sure to check out our manuals page where we have full specifications for all our models and all configurations.

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